The NeoFusion NGO

NeoFusion Creative Foundation is a nationally certified Non Profit organisation started in 2013 which aims to work with adolescent kids, school dropouts and the unemployed youth of India helping them to live their dream of uplifting themselves with the weapon of Education and Visual and Performing Arts. The inhouse research showed that there were many regional and National level NGOs working on methodologies for primary education and teacher trainings thus helping and increasing school enrolments but the dropout rate amongst adolescents was still very high thus leading to the seed of Neofusion Performing & Visual Arts Academy. Started with a humble beginning with no government or corporate funding the Team attracted adolescents and dropouts with the idea of enrolling them to varied Performing and Visual Arts and then to its Secondary Education wing thus being one of the very few NGO s in the region which runs both a After School Educational Support Program called “SAPNE HUE APNE”  means “Dreams are yours” in the evening for class 1 to 6 and a Morning academy for class 6 to 12 following the NIOS curriculum with its first batch ready to complete high school .

CORE PHILOSOPHY: Adolescence voice is the centre of all our work and efforts. Neofusion believes in providing every child and youth the wings they deserve to spread and grow into happy individuals. A happy child makes for a happy citizen and impacts the community and country positively and productively .Be it education, nutrition, sports, skills & personality development or even a taste for the finer nuances of life like music and arts, the school presently provides ample learning opportunities and experiences to 200 children in the age group of 10-18years to learn and grow in diverse areas in its 2 centres in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Gurgaon, Haryana.

VISION :    “To Empower 100,000 underprivileged adolescents through education and employment skill training by 2025 for better lives, better families, better communities and better world “



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