About NeoFusion

Need of the Hour

Recent surveys show that India is home to more than 253 million adolescents, who account for a quarter of the country’s population. In this highly impressionable age group, the right guidance can prove crucial to the life path of the soon-to-be young adults. About 20% of these adolescents drop out of school as a trend and only 15% of these dropouts manage to find stable employment. The large majority of the remaining 85% of the dropouts usually end up looking at ways to make a quick buck and resort to criminal activities. As an indicative sample, a study conducted by Delhi Police has found that juvenile  dropouts were involved in more than 50% of crimes in Delhi-NCR.

These alarming statistics remind us that although our young girls and boys have the potential to transform India, they lack the basic resources and agency to do so. They are restricted by poor access to facilities such as sanitation, education and healthcare, as well as deep rooted socio-cultural norms, and this is where we wish to make a change.

Our Approach

In a bid to entice young creative minds and provide a platform for them to express themselves, engaging in the Visual Arts can be an ideal means, as it gives a way to elicit feeling, emotion, opinion, or taste through visual means, for instance, photography, painting, sculpting and drawing. Similarly, Performing Arts have ways to express an opinion, emotion, feeling, or taste, through means of performance, like, theatre, public speech, dance, music, and more.

At NeoFusion, we strive to make our students self-reliant by keeping them focussed on making their mark in their own way, however insignificant it may seem. By honing their creative side, the positive outlook paves way for them being receptive to the need for elementary education to begin with. Once they realize this, the larger picture falls in place, leading to several success stories.