NeoFusion Creative Foundation is continuously working towards its mission. On various occasions Media has supported us and appreciated us through their pen. Our team is feeling privileged to share media coverage done by various news paper:

DNA-News Father's Day 11351292_1595308137387932_2016566119711847440_n IMG_26028870772205 IMG_150746265302098

IMG_150761653729834 News-Patrika- Fathers Day Smamchar Jagat Evening

Ps183226-large  Patrika 30 june

News Today..    Panjab Kesri

Patrika 28june   Patrika    30cbhaskar-pg2-0l    8353_771437869623268_4624027249069012141_n.png    12237981_719848731448849_3076003081307295468_o12316099_726306424136413_1440815108071093644_nNew Patrika 11July16Dna-News

News Coverage


Director’s Interview

04 final

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