1. Child Education:

A variety of instructional and assessment strategies are required to maintain student interest levels and maximize individual learning. We use following methods,


  • Identify individual and collective learning needs.
  • In addition to teachers we meet with parents & other professionals to discuss individual student needs and progress.
  • Provide a stimulating learning environment in which each adolescent child can experience growth and develop their potential.
  • Supervise after school activities.
  • Use various assessment tools to evaluate and communicate student’s progress.


  1. Stop School Dropouts:

This project aims to curtail the alarming rate of dropouts in various states. NeoFusion ensures that all students receive the basics of a good schooling—engaging, meaningful, and challenging curriculum and instruction, delivered by well trained professionals and supportive teachers.


The Foundation follows 3 steps plan for minimizing the dropout crisis:


  • Firstly foundation understands the reason for the dropout crisis and the resources currently devoted to ended it.
  • Secondly, the foundation developed a strategy to prevent dropouts through intervention & recovery plan that focuses on community resources, efforts and reforms targeting the key areas, where and when students fall off the path to high school graduation.
  • Finally, the foundation tries to gather the human and financial resources needed for a comprehensive and sustained campaign and develop the evaluation, accountability and continuous improvement mechanisms.


For the accomplishing the above steps, the foundation engages knowledgeable and experienced educators to discuss strategies for literacy improvement on an ongoing basis. It also encourages the parents to stay involved in their children’s education and engage them in open communication to enhance an adolescent’s progress and success.


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