1. Promote Gender Equality:
  • Offer professional development to promote gender-sensitive teaching methods and practices, which fosters friendly environment.
  • Provide life skills activities and workshops to ensure (girls and boys) both the groups have the necessary support to remain in institution (e.g., problem-solving skills, awareness of choices, confidence building, etc).
  • Foster parents, community and government engagement, awareness and involvement.
  1. Free Summer Camp- Nanhe Pankh Unchi Udan

Every year in the month of May and June, NeoFusion Foundation organises a summer camp in Jaipur to train adolescents.

  • Talent of children is recognized. This initiates a shift in parents’ perception towards education in performing & visual arts. 
  1. Awareness Program for Girls:

NeoFusion recognizes that the barriers to girls’ education can only be removed through action. This holistic program focuses on providing life skills in following key areas:

  • Providing financial assistance as needed, which could include cover the costs associated with school fees, uniforms, books, stationery or medical insurance, to ensure girls stay in secondary school longer.
  • Enhancing the self-awareness, decision-making power, and problem solving skills of girls.
  • Increasing family, peer and community awareness and support for girl’s education.
  1. Awareness Program through Theatre

NeoFusion spread awareness through different mediums such as dance, drama and street plays team. 

  1. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT- Nari : Na Daroongi, Na Harongi

A dance drama expressed the outcome of women empowerment. This project conveyed the message that women need to “fight for their own rights”.

  • So far 4 performances have been done in Jaipur, Delhi and Gurgaon and these performances were attended by approx. 1600 hundred people.B) Girl’s Education – Save the Girl & Give Education


This project involves conducting street plays in the public spaces in Jaipur (Rajasthan) to support ‘Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao’ program which was initiated by the state government. It helps to spread the awareness about the prevention of gender biased sex selective elimination, ensuring survival & protection of the girl child and ensuring education and participation of the girl child.

  • 5 performances have been done in Jaipur and were attended by over 600 hundred people in Jaipur.
  1. Community Involvement

The work the Foundation has undertaken cannot be done alone and needs collective community involvement,

  • To encourage the community acceptance and participation in student run performing & visual arts projects
  • To control the “child labour” & encourage community dialogs for upliftment of the underprivileged communities.
  • To raise funds, through grants, aids, donations, subscriptions, sponsorships, presents, gifts and loans or assistance in any other form etc. for the underprivileged communities.
  • Foundation recognizes that contributions of time and talent are just as important as financial contributions. NeoFusion, thus, encourages people to contribute their time by making a conscious effort in participating in programs to accelerate social and economic change in our country. Volunteers are helping the set of adolescent children in the following areas:-


                                   Vocational Training – Art, Theatre, Music

                                    Academic – Teaching, Preparing teaching learning aids

                                    Community Program – Assist in campaigning on various issues


  1. Job Opportunities

NeoFusion Foundation encourages social enterprise to give financial sustainability options to the students specializing in different art mediums. In term of products the students are taught to make paper products like carrier bags, twist ties (secure loose items together), envelops, files, wrapping paper, packaging materials. NeoFusion has a talented professional dance group “NeoFusion Divine Dancers” and professional theatre group “Expressions “has performed at many eminent events.


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