Neofusion Creative Foundation has launched its first grooming institute for underprivileged children in Jaipur. Where our project सपने हुये अपने  is running successfully.

Where around 70 students are taking training in the field of Art, Theater and  Music and with that we provide educational support by tuition.

Our mission is to groom them with such professional abilities that they become the responsible citizens in the future.

1. Theatre

Children of Theatre classes are progressing very well. They are not only learning the basics of theatre but also getting well-versed with the various forms of plays like STREET PLAY and MIME

2. Dance

Mr. Hanuman Kumar, a modern dance exponent, is taking care of Dance classes in Jaipur Institute. Children of Dance classes are progressing well. India has a very rich culture of dance and music, traditional, classical, folk and tribal dances style. CHHAU is one of them tribal martial dance style, which is popular in the Indian states of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Now our students are getting trained in this form.


An experienced faculty member, Mr. Harish Panchal, MFA, MA having 10 years of teaching experience is taking care of art and painting classes in Jaipur Institute.

Children of these Art classes are progressing very well. As we have started paying attention to their pencil work and shading. Therefore now they are learning the still life drawing. Now with still life drawing they have started learning caricatures.Lately with customised handicraft articles under the brand name of AKSHAR- NEOFUSION ART PRODUCTS they have started working with PAPER MACHE. Soon we are launching Paper Mache products in market

4. Tuition For Formal Subjects

Our mission is to groom our students in various fields including the academic studies as an important aspect. Therefore, now, on every day one hour we conduct free tuition classes for our students.  We have hired two teachers for this purpose, they teach and solve our students’ subject related problems. Tuition classes have been taken by very talented and experienced Mr. Khayali Ram Sharma. With his easy methods he made the studies interesting and easy too. We are fortunate in getting volunteer support also.


Winning Story of Utpal – Manjhi Reborn

#‎Manjhi‬ Re-Born

A Winning Story of Neofusion Creative Foundation – नई सोच, नई उमंग Student!
Support Us so We can Support a Child’s Dream!

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