1. Vocational Training and Skill Development:

With NeoFusion mission to make studies interesting foundation provides training in various vocational subjects like Art, Craft, Painting, Theatre, Music (Dance, Singing and Instrumental), Computer Courses, Writing Skills, Theatre Props Designing, Graphics Designing and all the related subjects which can empower students to become future professionals, who can either start their own SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprise) or become individual earners.

  1. Overall Personality Development:

This NeoFusion project aims at moulding tomorrow’s youth with creative talents by developing their overall personality. There are psychological, physical, educational and emotional justifications to stress the relevance of selecting 11 to 18 years as the basic unit. The reasons include the following factors such as “age, compulsion, attitude, and behavior”. Foundation selected this age group as beneficiaries because:

  • Students can be easily inducted and the foundation can prompt them to develop and channelize their skills with proper care, guidance and counseling.
  • The project evolves to promote the creative skills and development.
  • The students engineer their talents in a productive and innovative manner which gives them a sense of responsibility in education and their role in nation building.
  • Foundation provides continuous counseling on different life threatening addictions
  • The foundation also boosts their confidence with English speaking classes, theatre classes, recognizing birthdays so that they can feel special, secure and part of the family.
  1. Promoting and Integrating Indian Art forms:
    • Painting (Tribal Art forms like Bheel, Warli & Mandana and Miniature Painting )
    • Dance (Mayurbhanj Chhau Dance Style infusing Contemporary form)
    • Theatre (Absolute Theatre – Parsi and Streets Plays)

With training it’s always motivated for everyone to get a platform to perform. Neofusion Creative Foundation team understands it. Neofusion Creative Foundation is giving  various platforms to their students in front of society through various events.


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